Our Facility


Launch’s 2000 sq.ft. indoor skatepark is a versatile park designed to suit the needs of all ability levels from beginner to advanced level skateboarders. The park features birch plywood surfaced ramps ranging in height from 2 ft. to 9 ft. tall. The ramps include steel and pool coping, a 7 ft. over-vert section, a 9 ft. vert wall, a section of mellow flat banks, and smaller quarter pipes (2.5′ and 3.5′). The skatepark also offers various street obstacles, including boxes and flat bars, that can be placed in different locations within the park.

Skateboard Museum

Launch is home to the only skateboard museum in northern Colorado. A visit to the Skateboard Museum takes you on a visual journey through the history of skateboarding. The collection consists of over 150 rare skateboards including early clay-wheeled examples of the 1960s, plastic boards of the 1970s, signature shapes of the 1980s, as well as some of our favorite boards from the last 20 years.

Skateboard Library

Launch’s library is one of the nation’s largest collections of skateboard related literature, including complete collections of skateboard magazines, books, and zines. Notable items in our collection include the first issue of Transworld Magazine, rare issues of Skateboarder from the late 70s, and a complete collection of every issue of Slap Magazine.


We believe that creating something with your own two hands is a powerful and rewarding experience. Launch’s makerspace provides the necessary tools, materials, and guidance needed to make quality products including professional quality skateboards. Our 500 sq.ft. makerspace houses our Build Your Own Skateboard workshops, as well as several additional hands-on opportunities each month. No prior woodworking experience is needed to register for a hands-on workshop in the workspace.