This year’s Nightmare at Northside was also a benefit for our friend Tsedeq Baker, who was in a tragic car accident earlier this year. A combination of donations, contest entry fees, and sales of items throughout the day helped to raise $1500 for Tsedeq. Thank you everyone who helped with the event on any level. We truly have an amazing skateboard community that cares for one another and it showed at Saturday’s event.

A huge thanks to the following individuals and businesses for their contributions to help make the event a success:

Eric & Nate Likewise at Market Skateshop, Taylor DeHart, Jim Kanter, Todd and Nicole Jordan, Jess Mudgett, Marcus Valdez, Parris and Name in Blood Skateboards, Rob and LOWCARD, Adidas Skateboarding, Glen at Null Skateboards, Travis Varra, Chris Witman, Josh Spazz, Matt Zamba, Mike Baldwin, The Teck’s for cleaning up trash, Tim and Ashley Mott, BadEgg Skatezine, Skate Colorado, High Country Skateboards, Jim Thiebaud, Damon Thorley, Michael Burnett and Thrasher Magazine, Shawn Gruenhagen and VANS, Terrill Schmidt, Dunk and Pure Skateboards, Independent Trucks, Deluxe Distribution, Stance Socks, Vinny at HaveFun, Janel and Myles, Orlando Baker and the Baker fam, and anyone else we forgot to mention!