Every Halloween season, Launch and Market Skateshop get together to host the “Nightmare at Northside” contest at Northside Skatepark. This year, the event spanned over 12 hours and included an organized contest in the morning, several “best-trick” events throughout the day, a car got skated, we had a “best costume” contest and raced several pumpkin “carving” races. As the sun went down and the lights came on, Market Skateshop cooked up some food for everyone.

A huge thank you to: everyone who came dressed up and skated/entered the contest, all who helped with the event including all of our judges, Adam Yee for MC’ing the entire day, Paul for the PA, Mason for welding a flatbar on his car, and everyone who helped from setup to cleanup. Thanks to Eric, Nate and Jacoby at Market Skateshop for sponsoring the event and thanks to Jacob at Airspeed Footwear for donating shoes!

Until next year.