During the month of October, Launch staff and countless volunteers poured their hearts into a remodel of the Launch Center. The updates to the Center included an expansion of the skatepark increasing the park’s size by 450 sq ft, a new workspace room that will be devoted to our hands-on classes/workshops and a new lobby/chill area. A huge thanks to the following individuals and businesses for their dedication and contributions to this project: Matt Zamba, Jim Kanter, Allison Alter, Uncle Andy’s Jerky, Todd Jordan, Dan Masnada, Chris Witman, Jason Buck, Garrett and Connor, Brodie and Zane Henkelman, Sean Kelly, Eric Likewise, Jared Stull, Michael Lipok, Parker and his mom, Eddie Cassanueva, Dan Barker, Rob Martinez, Van Cookman, Sven and Kevin Plocher, Grant Rasmussen, Angelo DeDonno, Tucker Cremling, James Ibarra, James Hedrick, The Finishers Flooring, Mawson Lumber, Greyrock Concrete, Dohn Construction, CuttingEdge Cabinets and anyone else who we forgot to mention!!

We had our official reopening on Sunday, October 30th. Thanks everyone who made it down to skate the new setup and help us break in the new space. It’s going to be a good Winter!